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The Local Opportunity


Join with local accomplished peers to explore, discover and nurture new leadership cultures by sharing passion, knowledge, and resources to empower you to empower others. Together we will build a community that will transform the world.

The Members

The founding members of Showcase Saskatchewan are notable for having created and/or run with distinction, private, public or not-for-profit enterprises or are accomplished contributors to academia, the arts, sciences, humanities and/or social discourse.

The Opportunity

Showcase Saskatchewan is dedicated to transforming local leadership culture by providing a haven for those with a passion for advancing themselves, their enterprise, their community, and the world.

We apply the proven success of executive peer networking and support programs to the challenge of Saskatchewan transformation.

The Benefits

Showcase Saskatchewan is a local network of socially responsible leaders committed to helping you achieve your full personal and professional potential. We provide the expertise and resources to create and deploy the initiatives that will transform you and your business.

The Selection

Showcase Saskatchewan is not for everyone.

You have been referred here by a member of SaskExpert – a friend or colleague who believes that the qualities and attributes we describe below apply to you. Your nomination for membership is an acknowledgment that you are an accomplished person.

We welcome all builders, makers, operators or creators – men and women from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures and all sectors who believe both in their accountability to themselves and their responsibility to the world around them.

The accomplishment of our members is what sets Showcase Saskatchewan apart. We are a community of individuals who have demonstrated curiosity, conviction, courage, and perseverance in the pursuit of personal, enterprise and societal transformation.  Our members are the builders, makers, operators and creators – the men and women from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures and all sectors who believe both in their accountability to themselves and their responsibility to the world around them consistent with our Vision, Mission, Core Values and First Principles.

We celebrate diversity and consider it a critical success factor. Our membership is drawn from some of the following sectors:

• Academia – primary through to post-graduate
• Arts/Culture/Entertainment
• Community and grassroots initiatives
• Not For Profit/Charity/NGO
• Media
• Political arena – local/municipal, regional, national, international
• Private sector – Solo/SMB to Fortune 500
• Public sector – local/municipal, regional, national, international
• Youth

Membership Pledge

On becoming a member of Showcase Saskatchewan, you will be joining an organization that takes its responsibility to the communities and societies in which it resides very seriously. It’s also an organization that takes its commitment to you very seriously. Therefore it follows that we expect the same of you. Should you elect to apply for membership in SaskExpert, you will do so having accepted the following Membership Pledge:

As a member of Showcase Saskatchewan, I hereby pledge to do my best to conduct my personal and professional affairs in a manner that is consistent with both the spirit and substance of the Vision, Mission, Core Values and First Principles of Showcase Saskatchewan. That is to:

  • Support my fellow members to help them attain the fullest measure of their personal and professional potential
  • Be a high-integrity individual with self-awareness and a passion for personal growth committed to advancing my enterprise, my community and the world about me
  • Be a collaborator who inspires others to have the curiosity, courage, and conviction to innovate to seize the impossible
  • Be a model who honors diversity, has a high tolerance for ambiguity and who demonstrates grace, good humor and compassion when under pressure
  • Be a substantive contributor to and ambassador for activities of Showcase Saskatchewan


Are You Ready To Join A Community That Will Transform Saskatchewan?

If so, clicking on the button below will signify that you have read What We Stand For and that you consequently embrace our Vision, Mission, Core Values and First Principles and will likewise commit to conducting yourself by our Membership Pledge.


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