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Award winning relashionship: the gateway to your target audience

Delivering relevant, timely need-to-know information to business leaders with local interests and decision-making power, our digital media properties represent your target market. Known for excellence in journalism, and recognized as best-in-class websites and digital reach, our readers turn to us as the trusted source for business connections across Saskatchewan.

Amplify your messages with social media marketing

With established and highly-followed twitter accounts and LinkedIn groups, our team can help you develop and execute a social media campaign to get you trending.

Engage socially Work with us to develop a social network strategy. Bring subject matter experts to the table for an hour-long discussion on the topic of your choice.


Place a full-page advertisement in any of our digital publications and be seen by over 25,000 subscribers across Saskatchewan


With over 50K ad impressions per month and a wide variety of formats and sizes, we target your ads to mobile devices and local customer interests.


Address particular interests with any of our newsletters designed for segmented audiences, from business to government.


We strategically engage with local communities to extend and reach even further, bringing clients more access to the right audience.

Local Reach

Connect on a local scale

Through affiliation with a variety of key networks around Saskatchewan, we provide access to a local audience – allowing you to advertise and generate demand. With a database of over 5,000 Saskatchewan professionals across, we are the smart marketer’s choice for connecting and engaging with decision-makers.

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